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Mark Gindi Successfully Secures 3,000 sq. ft. Lease at Haddad Family's 156 Fifth Avenue in the Flatiron District

156 Fifth Avenue, a prominent 13-story property situated in the vibrant Flatiron District, has secured a notable tenant through the expertise of real estate specialist Mark Gindi. This highly sought-after building, owned by the esteemed Haddad Family's HRC Corporation, continues to attract businesses seeking a prime presence in one of New York City's most thriving neighborhoods.

In a strategic move, ADK Emotions NY Inc., a subsidiary of the renowned parent company ADK Emotions Inc., has chosen 156 Fifth Avenue as its base for establishing a New York presence. The lease agreement, meticulously orchestrated by Gindi, secures a 3,000 square foot space within the iconic property.

156 Fifth Avenue, widely known as the Presbyterian Building, stands as a distinguished architectural gem, boasting 13 stories and over 230,000 square feet of prime commercial space. Its central location and unique features make it a favored destination for businesses aiming to make a statement in the Flatiron District.

Gindi's invaluable expertise and sharp negotiation skills have played a pivotal role in bringing together the parties involved in this lease agreement. With a specialization in landlord representation, Gindi has established a reputation as a trusted and highly sought-after professional in the New York City real estate market.

When asked about the successful lease agreement, Gindi expressed his satisfaction, stating, "I am thrilled to have facilitated this significant lease agreement at 156 Fifth Avenue. The property's distinctive character and ideal location perfectly align with the ambitions of ADK Emotions NY Inc. I am confident that their presence within this iconic building will enhance the vibrancy of the Flatiron District."

Under the ownership of the esteemed Haddad Family's HRC Corporation, 156 Fifth Avenue continues to serve as a beacon of sophistication and allure in the Flatiron District. The lease agreement represents a notable achievement, further solidifying the property's standing as a premier destination for businesses seeking prominence and prestige in one of New York City's most dynamic neighborhoods.

In conclusion, the lease agreement brokered by Mark Gindi at 156 Fifth Avenue marks a significant milestone in the property's ongoing legacy. ADK Emotions NY Inc.'s decision to establish its New York base within this iconic building underscores the appeal and desirability of the Flatiron District. With Gindi's expertise guiding the process, this transaction sets the stage for a mutually beneficial partnership, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of New York City's real estate landscape.

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