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Mark Gindi Showcases Expertise in Securing Lease with Law Offices of Chanda Thapa PLLC.

New York City's real estate landscape is no stranger to Mark Gindi's adept negotiation skills and keen eye for identifying lucrative opportunities. With another successful deal, Gindi demonstrated his prowess as a landlord representation specialist by representing the Haddad family in leasing 2,000 square feet of prime space at 260 W 35th Street to the esteemed law offices of Chanda Thapa PLLC.

The Haddad family's property at 260 W 35th Street has long been recognized as a sought-after location in the city, boasting a prime address amidst the bustling streets of New York. With Gindi at the helm, the property's potential as an ideal office space was maximized to attract the perfect tenant.

Chanda Thapa, the lead attorney and founder of Chanda Thapa PLLC, brings with her a wealth of legal expertise and a distinguished career. Admitted to the State Bar of New York since 2008, she holds the honor of being admitted to practice before The Federal Court of Southern District of New York. As a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Thapa is known for her dedication to providing comprehensive immigration legal services to clients.

The decision to lease the 2,000 square feet of office space to Chanda Thapa PLLC was met with enthusiasm and high expectations for a successful partnership. The space, tailored to meet the specific needs of a law office, offers a professional and welcoming environment for both clients and employees alike.

Mark Gindi, reflecting on the successful lease agreement, shared his thoughts on the collaboration: "It's always gratifying to secure the right tenant for a premium property like 260 W 35th Street. Chanda Thapa's extensive legal expertise and impressive track record made her an ideal candidate for this space. I am confident that this leasing partnership will lead to great success for both the Haddad family and Chanda Thapa PLLC."

The law offices of Chanda Thapa PLLC's decision to establish their presence at 260 W 35th Street is not only a testament to the property's allure but also to Mark Gindi's ability to identify and foster fruitful collaborations between landlords and tenants.

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