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Mark Gindi Represents Union Square Travel Agency and the Doe Fund in Historic 9,600+ sq. ft. Lease in Union Square

In a groundbreaking deal, the Union Square Travel Agency, one of New York City's pioneering legal cannabis dispensaries, has successfully secured a historic lease at 835 Broadway on the southwest corner of East 13th Street, with the guidance of real estate expert Mark Gindi. This momentous agreement not only signifies a significant milestone for the cannabis industry but also highlights the transformative potential of purpose-driven businesses and nonprofit partnerships. Spanning over 9,600 square feet, the leased space is strategically located in the heart of Union Square, solidifying the dispensary's presence and impact within the city.

What sets the Union Square Travel Agency apart is its purpose-driven approach. As a majority-owned entity of the Doe Fund, a renowned nonprofit organization, the dispensary directs more than half of its proceeds towards supporting the Fund's initiatives. The Doe Fund specializes in providing paid transitional work, housing, educational opportunities, counseling, and career training to individuals with a history of homelessness, incarceration, and substance abuse.

Recognizing the dispensary's unique requirements and mission, the Union Square Travel Agency sought the expertise of real estate expert Mark Gindi. Renowned for his market knowledge and industry expertise, Gindi was the perfect partner for this historic lease endeavor. He embarked on a diligent search to identify a space that not only aligned with the dispensary's vision but also met their specific operational needs.

After an extensive search and evaluation process, Gindi successfully secured an expansive space over 9,600 square feet located at 835 Broadway on the southwest corner of East 13th Street. This prime location within Union Square provides the Union Square Travel Agency with a strategic position in the heart of the city, ensuring accessibility and visibility to a wide range of customers.

The Union Square Travel Agency's lease agreement is a significant milestone for the burgeoning cannabis industry in New York City. It reflects the growing acceptance and legalization of cannabis, creating opportunities for purpose-driven businesses to contribute positively to society. By partnering with the Doe Fund, the dispensary actively contributes to the empowerment of individuals who have faced significant challenges, offering them opportunities for rehabilitation, education, and stable employment.

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