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Mark Gindi Represents Renowned Art Dealer for Prominent Lease at Manocherian Family's 210 Fifth Avenue in the Flatiron District

Renowned art dealer Barry Friedman Ltd. has enlisted the expertise of Mark Gindi to secure a new commercial space in the vibrant Flatiron District. With a remarkable presence in the international art market spanning over 40 years, Barry Friedman Ltd. has been instrumental in introducing 20th century European fine and decorative art works to the American audience. Their extensive offerings include contemporary art, cutting-edge furniture, studio glass, ceramics, photography, avant-garde painting, works on paper, sculptures from 1900-1940, and vintage photography.

Barry Friedman Ltd., in search of an ideal location, turned to Mark Gindi for his exceptional real estate guidance. Gindi, renowned for his proficiency in the New York City market, meticulously assessed their requirements. Recognizing the significance of finding a space that aligns with their artistic vision and prestigious reputation, Gindi identified 210 Fifth Avenue as the perfect fit.

210 Fifth Avenue is an exquisite boutique property with 11 stories, nestled between 25th Street and 26th Street. Situated just one block away from the iconic Flat Iron building and offering breathtaking views of Madison Square Park, the location provides an unparalleled backdrop for Barry Friedman Ltd.'s artistic endeavors. With a spacious 2,000 square feet, the new commercial space ensures ample room to showcase their diverse collection.

"I am delighted to have represented Barry Friedman Ltd. in securing their new space at 210 Fifth Avenue," says Mark Gindi. "The Flatiron District offers a dynamic environment, and this boutique property aligns perfectly with their vision. I am confident that this strategic location will further elevate their presence in the art market."

The property at 210 Fifth Avenue is owned by the esteemed Manocherian Brothers, known for their commitment to quality and prime real estate holdings. The partnership between Barry Friedman Ltd., Mark Gindi, and the Manocherian Brothers highlights the collective dedication to fostering a thriving artistic community within the Flatiron District.

Barry Friedman Ltd. looks forward to continuing their legacy of showcasing extraordinary art collections in their new space, thanks to the expertise and guidance provided by Mark Gindi. With their extensive offerings and a prime location, they are poised to captivate art enthusiasts and contribute to the rich artistic landscape of the Flatiron District.

As the Flatiron District continues to evolve as a hub for creativity and artistic expression, the lease deal facilitated by Mark Gindi represents a harmonious blend of vision, expertise, and prime real estate, ensuring that Barry Friedman Ltd. will continue to make significant contributions to the art world for years to come.

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