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Mark Gindi Facilitates a Successful Lease Agreement at 1147 Broadway, Bringing Imperial Moving to NoMad

Mark Gindi, a respected figure in the real estate industry known for his expertise in landlord and tenant representation, played a crucial role in a lease deal completed at 1147 Broadway in the vibrant NoMad neighborhood. Gindi represented both the landlord and the tenant, Imperial Moving, in this transaction, showcasing his ability to navigate complex negotiations and bring parties together.

Imperial Moving, a specialist in residential and commercial moving services, recognized the potential of the space at 1147 Broadway. With Gindi's guidance, they secured a lease for the boutique property, which spans 2,300 square feet. Each floor of the property features a full-floor suite, offering a unique and tailored experience for tenants.

Located between W 26th Street and W 27th Street, just steps away from Madison Square Park, the space at 1147 Broadway enjoys a prime location in the heart of NoMad. Its proximity to this iconic park adds to its appeal, providing a pleasant environment for both employees and clients.

Gindi's ability to represent both the landlord and the tenant in this lease deal highlights his expertise in balancing the needs and interests of both parties. By understanding the unique requirements of Imperial Moving and the landlord, Gindi successfully negotiated favorable terms that satisfied all parties involved.

Reflecting on the lease deal, Gindi commented, "I am pleased to have represented both the landlord and Imperial Moving in this transaction. By facilitating open communication and understanding the specific needs of each party, we achieved a mutually beneficial agreement. This dual representation approach allows for a comprehensive understanding of the transaction, ensuring a smooth and successful outcome."

The combination of the sought-after NoMad location, the boutique nature of the space, and Imperial Moving's specialized services positions 1147 Broadway as an attractive destination for businesses in need of moving solutions. Gindi's expertise in identifying the perfect tenant for unique properties contributes to the growth and success of the neighborhood.

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