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Mark Gindi's Expertise Secures Ines Di Santo's Lease Deal with Chetrit Group in the Iconic Teri Jon Building

New York City's Midtown district is renowned for its vibrant energy and prestigious addresses, making it the ideal location for luxury bridal brand Ines Di Santo to establish their new office and showroom. With a vision to create a space that reflects their brand's essence and showcases their exquisite designs, Ines Di Santo turned to esteemed real estate advisor Mark Gindi for his expertise in navigating the competitive New York real estate market.

Gindi's remarkable deal-making skills and deep industry knowledge made him the perfect partner for Ines Di Santo's search. Understanding the significance of finding a space that would exceed their expectations, Gindi embarked on a mission to identify a location that perfectly aligns with the brand's vision. It was during this process that the Teri Jon Building, owned by the esteemed Chetrit Group, emerged as the standout choice.

Positioned between 7th and 8th avenues, the Teri Jon Building offered the ideal blend of prestige and accessibility. Gindi's sharp eye for detail led him to two vacant adjacent suites situated at the front of the property. Recognizing the importance of natural light, Gindi strategically selected these suites, ensuring exceptional light would bathe Ines Di Santo's office and showroom space, creating an inviting and inspiring atmosphere.

The combination of these suites, resulting in a spacious area spanning over 2,300 square feet, provided the canvas on which Gindi meticulously crafted a full build-out that would meet Ines Di Santo's specific requirements. The space now features high ceilings, new wood flooring, and a chic loft-style vibe, perfectly encapsulating the brand's commitment to luxury and sophistication.

Mark Gindi expressed his delight in working with Ines Di Santo, stating, "It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with Ines Di Santo. Their unwavering passion for their craft and dedication to excellence inspired me to find a space that would truly reflect their unique brand identity. By combining two adjacent suites positioned at the front of the Teri Jon Building, we were able to create an exceptional environment flooded with natural light, allowing Ines Di Santo's designs to shine."

The partnership between Ines Di Santo and Mark Gindi has culminated in the realization of a remarkable office and showroom space that surpasses expectations. This new space not only provides a platform for Ines Di Santo to nurture relationships with clients and industry professionals but also serves as a testament to their continued growth as one of the leading luxury bridal companies in North America.

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