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Mark Gindi: Dealmaker Represents Ownership, Secures Agreement with Law Firm Rha Kim Grossman & McIlwain, LLP

Mark Gindi, an accomplished real estate expert representing ownership at 29 W 36th Street in Midtown Manhattan, successfully facilitated the lease of a fully customized office space for Rha Kim Grossman & McIlwain, LLP. In a competitive market with numerous options, Gindi's expertise and negotiation skills led to a tailored built-to-suit deal that perfectly met the specific requirements of the esteemed law firm.

29 W 36th Street occupies a prime location in the vibrant heart of Midtown, nestled between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue. The 12-story building, spanning over 90,000 square feet, offers an attractive commercial space for businesses.

Gindi's in-depth knowledge of the real estate market allowed him to navigate the available options and identify the ideal solution for Rha Kim Grossman & McIlwain, LLP. Through skillful negotiation, he secured a fully customized office space of 2,800 square feet that precisely aligned with the law firm's needs and preferences, surpassing alternative choices.

Reflecting on the successful transaction, Gindi commented, "It was a privilege to collaborate with Rha Kim Grossman & McIlwain, LLP in securing this lease at 29 W 36th Street. Our focus on a customized built-to-suit approach ensured that the workspace perfectly suited their requirements. We take great pride in delivering exceptional solutions that exceed expectations."

The office space underwent meticulous customization to accommodate the specific demands of Rha Kim Grossman & McIlwain, LLP, including a striking full glass build-out. This attention to detail exemplifies Gindi's commitment to creating exceptional work environments that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics.

By securing the lease agreement at 29 W 36th Street, Gindi further establishes the building as a premier destination for businesses seeking prime office space in Midtown Manhattan. His expertise in negotiation and delivering tailored solutions contributes to the ongoing success of the property.

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