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Gindi Achieves 100% Occupancy at Sutton Family's 526 7th Avenue, Secures Lease with Designdeal Inc.

Mark Gindi, exclusively representing Sutton Garrett Realty Associates, LTD., has expertly completed a lease agreement with Designdeal Inc. for the entire 9th floor at 526 7th Avenue, culminating in 100% occupancy for the property. The leased floor spans an impressive 2,950 square feet and is distinguished by its loft-style layout that offers panoramic views of the surrounding cityscape, infusing the space with an expansive and airy feel.

The industrial chic vibe of the space, characterized by its polished concrete floors, makes it a perfect fit for Designdeal Inc., a company known for its innovative approach and stylish sensibilities. Gindi's role in securing this deal underscores his unique ability to match high-caliber tenants with distinctive spaces, ensuring that both landlord and tenant visions are realized. "The full-floor, loft-style space is more than just square footage; it's an environment that fosters creativity and growth, which makes it ideal for Designdeal Inc.," Gindi remarked, emphasizing the synergy between the tenant's brand and the architectural aesthetics of the space.

This strategic leasing success not only reflects Gindi's exceptional negotiation skills but also his dedication to serving the specific needs of his clients through a tailored, exclusive representation. The transaction affirms the Sutton-owned 526 7th Avenue as a prime location for leading-edge businesses seeking a space that speaks to their brand identity and supports their operational ambitions.

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