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Fashion District Triumph: Mark Gindi Represents KND Realty Corp. and Infinite Manufacturing Group

Mark Gindi, the virtuoso of real estate deal-making in Manhattan, has once again left a lasting impression with his latest triumph at 140 W 36th Street. Renowned for his unparalleled negotiation skills and strategic vision, Gindi proves himself as one of the best deal makers in the bustling streets of Manhattan.

140 W 36th Street has become the stage for Gindi's latest success story, as he masterfully orchestrated a deal that brought together both the ownership, KND Realty Corp., and the visionary tenant, Infinite Manufacturing Group. The 2,300 square foot lease sets the perfect scene for Infinite Manufacturing Group's innovative ventures in custom furniture, large-scale architectural projects, and design manufacturing.

Known for his ability to connect the right tenants with the perfect spaces, Gindi has earned a well-deserved reputation as Manhattan's go-to deal maker. His talent lies not only in sealing the deal but also in fostering collaborations that ignite creative sparks and drive businesses towards new heights of success.

"In the fast-paced world of Manhattan real estate, it's essential to create win-win scenarios for both landlords and tenants," says Gindi. "140 W 36th Street is a prime example of how the right match can lead to transformative outcomes for all parties involved."

As the city's skyline continues to evolve, Gindi's artistry in deal-making continues to shape the commercial landscape. His relentless dedication to delivering exceptional results makes him a formidable force in the Manhattan real estate scene, leaving a trail of successful leases and satisfied clients in his wake. With each negotiation he navigates, Mark Gindi reaffirms his position among the best deal makers in the heart of Manhattan.

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